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Hi Community, joined today and my first post here. I have been in program management discipline (Pgm/TPM) for close to 12 years now with some of the top product companies (MSFT, FB etc), currently operating at Principal level at Facebook (in US). While I have been in "thinking for sometime" mode on moving back to APAC (India/SGP), but finally things are getting serious and I am willing to move for a suitable opportunity. 2 questions -

1. Some threads seem to indicate 1cr+ annual comp is achievable for India given the compensation parity between India and US at higher levels (and some formulas on divide by 2 or 3 the current US comp). Curious to understand what to expect for TC for my profile (ideally with breakup on Base, Bonus, Equity) for India and SGP.

2. Suitable levels to target for say MSFT, Goog (and some current top IN employers you recommend).

TC - 352k


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  • Google come2daddy
    As TPM/Pgm , it would be incredibly hard to get into 1cr bracket. It is doable but you will need to get lucky with only top 5 companies only. Ola, flipkart , Uber, Amazon are only your real choices until you want to join any startup paying high salaries without looking at condition of the startup.

    Please note that the numbers like this is still very minute proportion of overall ecosystem. Also, before you feel sentimental about India, please spend a month or so living in Bangalore. After all the progress, things have actually gone downhill. There is serious water scarcity. Air quality has degraded to a level where Unhealthy is the new norm. And majority of food is adulterated.

    My advice will be to look for Singapore roles.
    Jul 21 2
    • Facebook BackHome
      Thanks for the insights (and agree & aware of the typical conditions of Indian metros but...). Anyway, surprised you didn’t mention Google (do you work in IN office or speaking from knowledge there?), thought they would pay above mkt? Also for IN market and my profile, what offer range you think is good & may be 'not-so-hard' to get (curious about your opinion). Thanks.
      Jul 21
    • Google come2daddy
      Google is not a top end payer anywhere. Google follows a market rate based compensation package. So Indian salaries are mapped to Indian conditions and it is typically less. SWEs at L5 make around 80 lakhs to 1Cr.

      50-60 lakhs including stocks would be easy target with most companies offering such range for Director level profile. Select few would take it to 80 lakhs. For 1 Cr, you will need to be incredibly lucky.
      Jul 21
  • New jbnote1
    I cannot comment on level target but pretty sure 1cr as TCT per year is achievable in India with your experience. Recommend looking at flipkart, swiggy etc.
    Jul 21 0
  • Facebook Urhbrbru
    Singapore is 0.7x Bay Area.
    After tax is almost the same.
    Jul 25 0


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