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New tmiQ20
Nov 6 9 Comments

I was contacted via email to setup a phone chat, FB NYC. It is not for a specific team or position. How do I know what level I would be put in? Just so that I know if it's worth going through this. I was not looking for a job change. My current compensation has to be a lot lower than at FB, but have other advantages,so the difference would need to be high enough to start considering it


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  • Facebook zJfN60
    Someone tells this guy the rule
    Nov 6 1
    • American Express pgMrc13
      TC or GTFO... my pleasure
      Nov 6
  • Bloomberg F.U. Money
    Not to be mean but if you’re that unaware, it’s very unlikely that you’ll pass... These things don’t happen by accident. You also don’t seem motivated enough, so...

    At FB with 6-8 yoe + leetcoding skills + distributed systems skills you can be making 350, and it goes up from there depending on how bad a$$ you are.
    Nov 6 0
  • Amazon / Eng sde3
    Weird post, just ask recruiter.
    Nov 6 0
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    • New tmiQ20
      No idea. I am a dinosaur (years) and just logged in to this app,I don't know much about level or stuff,other than leetcode rules. I guess it depends on how much I would prepare. At this point I would surely fail any level
      Nov 6
    • New pVOr53
      If you believe you will fail
      You will fail
      Nov 6
    • New tmiQ20
      Yes, I just said that. I would fail at this point,with no preparation. Just trying to determine if I should get into it, since I will need to spend the time to prepare
      Nov 6
  • Buy lube, get rekt. LC (LeetCode) for a year after cooldown. Message recruiter by then, try again. Pass. Get a TC (total compensation) raise
    Nov 8 0
  • Fast Enterprises lodoxjs8
    Ask them?
    Nov 6 0


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