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Jan 13 8 Comments

I’ve heard that the only way to be considered for jobs at Google is to either apply online or get referred. I’ve even spoken to Google recruiters at job fairs who’ve said the same thing. This would imply that reaching out to recruiters and sourcers on LinkedIn is useless, which seems kind of odd. What exactly do sourcers do if every candidate has to apply online or be submitted as a referral?

I can’t seem to figure out how to get consideration for any position I apply for. Any tips?


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  • Dropbox king3
    Referrels from current employees are the way to go. Ive never had google reach out to me by just applying and i have a strong resume. Applied many times online. Reached out to a hiring manager on linkedin that had posted a job and got a phone interview and onsite within a week.
    Jan 14 2
    • klick!
      I have quite the opposite experience. Never needed to contact the recruiters. Once I got a call by applying online and now a recruiter contacted me
      Jan 14
    • Capital One XXsw47
      FWIW, I applied online and got a response back in 2 hours
      Jan 14
  • New / Eng ggg1
    I have a strong resume. Never applied to Google directly. They reached out to me numerous times. No internal referrals.
    Jan 14 0
  • New _/\_
    I got contacted via LinkedIn
    Jan 14 0
  • Microsoft exM
    Wrong, they reached out to me and I got offer. It depends on hiring need of each office If you are in non-us
    Jan 14 0
  • New OwjS77
    I never applied to Google. A recruiter proactively reached out to me.
    Jan 14 0
  • Microsoft / Eng Ullflfhjgd
    Applying online before graduating got me a quick response initially. I seem to have a recruiter reaching out every month now these days. Always same guy.
    Jan 14 0


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