Contemplating if PayPal to workday is good move to make

PayPal WNoc24
Jul 19 18 Comments

Have an offer from workday, contemplation if it's good to switch from PayPal.

- PayPal work is not that interesting.
- Know executives in workday, so high level visibility.
- stock refresh might be higher.
- PayPal has yearly layoffs which causes anxiety.
- Team and work in workday is more to my liking.

- Same level position in workday.
- PayPal stock is really growing while workday might have reached its peak.

Workday offer
Base - 175k
RSU - 150K
Sign on - 30k

I know my thoughts is saying "grass is always greener in the other side" but if people from either @PayPal or @workday can chime in with real world experience I would appreciate it ?


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Workday Gayatri
    Dude that base is hugeeeee for workday
    Jul 19 0
  • Pandora Xnsi38
    Jul 19 1
  • PayPal / Eng

    PayPal Eng

    Intel Corporation
    You know PayPal stock is overpriced . So don’t think twice about moving . Offer looks good . I would say make a move to Workday.
    Jul 19 1
    • PayPal WNoc24
      Thank you
      Jul 19
  • PayPal locusfocus
    Go to workday
    Jul 23 0
  • PayPal / IT kanonymous
    The moment you said pp work is not interesting, you have an answer for yourself! If I were you, I would hav chosen satisfying work over pay, contacts, stocks!
    Jul 20 0
  • PayPal / Acctg

    PayPal Acctg

    Facebook, Netflix
    Go my child. Go to workday. I pray for an offer and for me to leave PayPal.
    Jul 19 0
  • Workday / Eng pootin
    What position and team is this for? Also. Workday has pretty good WL balance. Not sure how it is over at PP.
    Jul 19 2
    • PayPal WNoc24
      Core front end platform team
      Jul 19
    • Workday iaaV08hdjs
      What title?
      Jul 19
  • PayPal trump2024
    Omg if you are considering Workday then please leave now.
    Jul 23 1
    • PayPal WNoc24
      I am guessing this is "sarcasm"
      Jul 23
  • Workday HMyq68
    If you know the executives this will help you in getting interesting work however workday is not on the cutting edge of technology. We are 5 years or more behind. We are a back office, non consumer facing product so our customers don’t really crave the cutting edge stuff (although they might say they do).
    Jul 26 0
  • PayPal ppapplepie
    PayPal is a globally recognized brand. 8/10 people I talk to knows what PayPal is and they are interested to hear what I'm working on. Cannot say the same for workday. They neither have the brand for pushing the tech boundary nor do they have the brand for being a strong product. Sounds like a serious downgrade. And your Pros are not really pros because the same thing can happen at workday:
    1. Being put on a team that doesn't so interesting work
    2. Workday is a few bad earnings report from having layoffs (if they are not already doing that)
    3. Most new teams seems exciting from an outside perspective

    If I was in your position I will not switch. It doesn't make any sense to me.
    Jul 24 0
  • Pure Storage meemeep
    Don't you have real world experience at PayPal?
    Jul 19 0
  • Workday hz456$&
    Base looks solid RSUs look weak . You probably can negotiate on that . What level are u coming in as ? Looks like p4
    Jul 19 0
  • PayPal / Eng krkn839
    Op, you seem to have answered your own question, listen to your gut feeling.
    Jul 19 0


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