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Mar 14 10 Comments

Recruiter reached out for cruise automation opening in Seattle.
How's the interview process at cruise for senior see roles.
What kinda of questions do they ask.
What level of leetcode questions?

How is the pay and WLB at cruise


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  • Microsoft dajcjnaz
    I wasnt asked leetcode
    Mar 141
    • Apple


      stylish more
      Can u share more ? What type of system design ? Any OOD ?
      Mar 14
  • Microsoft paan
    For SWE position: Total 4 rounds- 2 coding, 1 system design, 1 behavioral followed by a chitchat with the recruiter. Coding were LC medium and hard. The interview seemed to be decent standard but not very hard. Not sure about senior role tho.
    Mar 150
  • Microsoft dajcjnaz
    I would say OOD then ds & algo problems.
    Mar 146
    • Indeed / Enggdgy57776g
      Did it need any domain knowledge or generic algo problems?
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft dajcjnaz
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft dajcjnaz
      But you know it all depends on the interviewer.. :)
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft skjsj
      Sorry. :) I dont think thats a right thing to do.
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft skjsj
      I would say if you are hands on programmer who is proficient at applying thoughts into code. Thats the level of question you will get.

      It didnt require any ds or algo knowledge. of course array is required.
      Mar 14
    • I had a coding challenge that was closer to an everyday life task that you would do in a nornal job. It was actually pretty refreshing
      Mar 16

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