Custom closets

Apple / EngpMoI16
Nov 28

Looking for recommendations for reasonably priced custom closet builders. Got some quotes - all in the $4k-5k range. Does it really cost this much to get a 8x6 ft walk-in closet done?


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  • Veritas LxaR10
    Pritchetts closets or closets closets closets closets
    Nov 283
    • Apple / EngpMoI16
      Do they operate in the Bay Area?
      Nov 28
    • Juniper Nishit
      Modern Family?
      Nov 28
    • New / Engjbnote
      Another recommendation.. personally experienced . Closets closets closets closets closets.
      Nov 28
  • DIY Home Depot, Martha Stuart brand. Will cost you 1K + your labor.
    Nov 280
  • Micro Focus / Product

    Micro FocusProduct

    I just got a quote for $7k for custom closets for 3 closets and a garage. Your quote seems a bit high.
    Nov 281
    • Apple / EngpMoI16
      Which company?
      Nov 28
  • Microsoft IEjP42
    I just ordered from Modular Closets
    Nov 290
  • Lyft crossfire
    Does this need to be really anon
    Nov 280
  • Zymergen / Engwe hiring!
    I had a friend once who ran out of a closet in silver stilettos. Not sure if it was custom.
    Nov 280

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