Devops at your company

Smartsheet trax

Curious to know how devops is at your company. Are developers responsible for setting up infra, services etc or do you have a dedicated sre team


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  • Google / Engcatburglar
    Really good here. Can't believe I could be this productive.
  • Google / EngUUKg61
    Google does not believe in “setting up infra”. The hardware is *always* available to developers to run/test/deploy.

    At walmartlabs, they did the Devops way. It was fun when it worked but pain in the ass when did not. As developers, I should not worry about load balancer being not able to provision correctly.

    Ofcourse, I like the idea of Google’s NoOps ( SRE team) better.
  • Amazon Needful✅
    Yea. We SDEs will usually do the needful.

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