Did I miss out on an opportunity? Is Sales not for everyone? Is it a learnable skill?

Amazon JmIp08
Nov 15 3 Comments

I recently got an opportunity to get a referral for a Sales Specialist role. The role requires getting deep understanding of popular Cloud product and developing relationships with Executives to sell the product. Keeping track of sales cycles ..etc. There are quarterly revenue targets to achieve.

I have never had experience of selling anything in my life. I am currentyl working in Business Intelligence role focussed on reporting. I hate my job and am actively looking for a new role. I passed this opportunity since I felt like I am short of the sales experience required , although I liked being part of growing Cloud product. Did I miss out? Does Sales focussed roles require a different character , can it be learned by anyone ?


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  • Amazon BSMW2CG!
    L6 Bus Dev. Message me and I will mentor you.
    Nov 15 0
  • Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
    Nov 15 0
  • Oracle I9wNr
    Oracle has sales training programs and seems like they'll hire anyone to start with. So yes, can be learned.
    Nov 15 0


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