Discrimination of Indian females

Microsoft buki
Sep 18 25 Comments

I noticed that a lot of Indian males have no problem working with White or East Asian females and treat them fairly. But when it comes to Indian females a lot of discrimination is going on:
- do not value their opinion
- treat them in condescending way
- treat Indian females as if they don't exist. Was working under Indian female lead once. She was one of the best leads I've ever met. Sometimes you need to leverage your lead to give more weigh to your opinion or idea more weight in a discussion with other team. Problem, many Indian males didn't value her opinion or paid any attention at all as if she doesn't exist. Didn't encounter the problem with White/Asian/Hispanic engineers. WTF? Why?
- when male (or White/Asian female) colleague asks them about advice or area of their expertise, Indian males have no problem. When it's Indian female, they let them struggle first, then explain in condescending way.
Clarification, I'm in no way trying to imply that every Indian male treats Indian females this way. But I noticed it is more prevalent and happens among Indians rather than Whites/Asians/Russians/Hispanics.
Wanted to know if others share my observation or it is just bias.
Is my observation a real thing?

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  • SAP baygal
    Add to that the indian female is expected to always take notes, arrange team outings and do other “girly” stuff.
    Sep 18 1
    • Amazon !possible
      That’s true of all females. Not just Indian ones
      Sep 18
  • Sumo Logic / Eng yippppe
    Never observed this in my entire career
    Sep 18 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Intel loyalguy
      So by that logic, racism and sexism should never exist.
      Sep 18
    • Intel loyalguy
      Didn’t expect much from a person who concludes that people who are not treated well are stupid and lazy
      Sep 18
  • Expedia Group sKvX54
    Not all Indians but I've seen/heard cases of it. I've noticed a good amount of Indian men were much harsher on Indian females, can also say the same for East Asian females as well.

    Noticed that Indian males tend to treat lighter skinned Indians better too among both genders, their skin is 'fair' they'd commonly say. Lots going on.
    Sep 18 2
    • State Farm sweeeeee
      Holy shit, you’re kidding right.
      Sep 19
    • Expedia Group sKvX54
      I'm not
      Sep 20
  • Facebook / Eng GxrR33
    TC or GTFO
    Sep 18 1
    • Microsoft buki
      Sep 18
  • Intel loyalguy
    Your observation is very true. Have seen this happen between an Indian male lead and an Indian female engineer.
    Sep 18 0
  • Cisco tonic101
    You sound like yet another self-hating Indian throwing other Indians under the bus with imaginary accusations.
    Sep 23 1
    • New / Biz Dev Mwtu56
      You must be part of the problem to say this to her . Karma
      Nov 6
  • Uber Melina
    Worked for over a decade and never experienced anything like this.
    Sep 19 1
    • SAP baygal
      Whats your role
      Sep 20
  • Netflix felps
    It’s not about race, it’s about the culture.
    We are trying to be inclusive as a society, instead of valuing western civilization and culture that made the world as great as it is today.
    Sep 18 0
  • New / Biz Dev Mwtu56
    There are so many Indian males in leadership roles. I don’t think anything will change for you or white women. Welcome to tech!! If anyone has suggestions let’s hear it. I have a male colleague, he’s Indian. He said he’s faced discrimination from other indians because of the caste system,
    This is horrible and I’m sorry this is happening
    Nov 6 2
    • Netflix pieceout
      Indians are so disrespectful of British who brought civilization that denies caste system, gave them language, helps to grow socially and economically, middle and upper class in India understood it pretty well.
      But today people are so ignorant about the history...
      Nov 6
    • New / Biz Dev Mwtu56
      I think we ALL have to treat each other with respect. There’s a lot of talent and we will win when we work well together. No workplace should tolerate undermining of anyone . I am grateful to have a wonderful colleague who has been so respectful. We are meeting his family next week. So there’s this 🥰
      Nov 7
  • Amazon bcif84ju7u
    Weren’t those indian males raised by indian females?
    Sep 19 0
  • Microsoft MwzK56
    I haven’t observed this myself, but might have happened elsewhere in the company.
    Sep 18 0
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    previously worked at startups and eng leadership at fortune 50 companies, Google & now at FB
    Sorry that you have experienced this. Its not about being Indian or Chinese ..etc..it's really about the upbringing and value system that is incorporated into kids and what they are at home.

    That being said have you stood up for yourself or your tech lead? ... A lot of women are raised to be agreeable and conciliatory ...have you been pushing back. Make this a teachable moment for those men who are showing this behavior ...if you did that did it change ?

    I've seen both men and women being jerks to other genders ...
    Sep 28 0
  • New / IT

    New IT

    Enterprise Architect , Business Analyst ,Strategist and traveller. Keen to meet and learn from the community here . Get in touch
    As many suggested ,I don’t think it’s specific to Indian female . I haven’t seen it particularly. What we need to change is the mindset and inclusion for everyone.
    Sep 20 0
  • Okta doll$h
    Never saw this!
    Sep 18 0
  • Qualtrics / Eng QREP11
    Lol you’re gonna face discrimination and unfairness everywhere - the real question you should ask yourself is what the next move is. Switch teams internally? Talk to HR? Try to improve the situation by being more transparent, 1 on 1s, etc.
    Sep 18 0


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