Do Chinese move back to China from US as much as..

Apr 18 38 Comments

Indians do.

I see lots of posts about finding jobs in India from US (or vice verse) but not for China. curious.


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  • OP
    Could it be that China is communist country that’s why ?
    Apr 18 5
    • / Eng
      WLB Eng

      Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
      Software Engineer and former phd candidate in biophysics
      you sounds never been to china. China has nothing to do with commie, it's 100% capitalism
      Apr 18
    • New / IT gdogg121
      Except the huge state-owned enterprises...
      Apr 18
    • Pure Storage / Eng D4&#r?
      Apparently you are propagandaed deeply. No body gives a shit if it it communism or capitalism.
      Apr 18
    • Chase GdQc76
      @sina my sarcasm meter is a bit broken, can’t tell if you’re serious
      Apr 19
    • Google uzaname
      I think your social score is low after spending so much time in US, so people can't book a flight back and would need to take train instead. On a route from US to China, it significantly limits your transportation options.
      Apr 19
  • Okta doll$h
    We have our own platforms. Not many blind users.
    Apr 18 2
    • Apple bqdp
      What do you use? I need to practice my Chinese and get back to my roots.
      Apr 18
    • Quora mDXn01
      Apr 28
  • LinkedIn blueskyes
    Going back to China would mean having to join the 9-9-6 culture. Most people who’ve worked 40-50 hours in the US would not want that.
    Apr 18 2
    • Amazon mdlhbjj
      Some do when companies like Alibaba double their US comp and relocated them back to China with housing stipends.
      Apr 18
    • Pure Storage / Eng D4&#r?
      W/o 996, China won't build the mobile internet 10 years advanced than the U.S.
      Apr 18
  • Two Sigma blarh
    Chinese people dont go on blind as much
    Apr 18 0
  • Amazon new_ew
    I think the fact that they still have a path to Green card (though long) helps them stay. For Indians in EB2/3 the date to get gc is currently set to infinity.
    Apr 18 1
    • Okta doll$h
      Less than a decade for us.
      Apr 18
  • Google uzaname
    One big difference is that you can go back to India and live much cheaper than here. When you go back to China, real estate prices are Bay Area levels in decent areas of Shanghai or HKG where many would like to be.
    Apr 18 7
  • F5 Networks RRA
    My impression is that while some Indians like to fantasize about returning, very few actually do.
    Apr 18 6
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      What's the threshold?
      Apr 18
    • FactSet QAiE55
      L6 in Amazon. If couple works then L5 is good enough too.
      Apr 18
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      Is it the experience what you're referring to or a financial milestone to reach before moving?

      I'm guessing one needs to atleast have $500k in assets before seriously considering a move to India. Is my understanding right?
      Apr 18
    • FactSet QAiE55
      Financial milestone based on what you get paid in India.

      I moved with 200k in assets. A decent house and 100k extra is all you need, rest of the investments you build up over time while in India. Also depends which city are you moving into.

      Ofcourse it is all relative and depends on your lifestyle, kids etc.
      Apr 18
    • F5 Networks / Eng moveon?
      Interesting. A decent house in Bangalore costs 1-2Cr.

      Which would be about 150- 300k USD, that was one of the factor which I used in $500k calculation.

      But, it's great that you were able to move back and also be happy. To me, it is such a hard decision to make. Good luck, eitherways!
      Apr 18
  • Uber / Eng nYf6sJ
    They move back more than Indians do.
    But they find jobs in Chinese companies, not in a remote office of a US company. So why ask on blind.
    Apr 19 0
  • Microsoft IronMan_
    I was shocked to see more Chinese population than Indians in Washington.
    Usually Chinese go back.
    About blind, common guys..they have their own app for every US app.
    Apr 18 0
  • Most of my Chinese friend have advanced degree and a decent job which covers long-term expenses like housing. They only come back to China because a) failed H1B lottery b) better career opportunity for senior positions(>L5 @ Google)
    Apr 18 0
  • F5 Networks buzz-word
    Can they have more than 1 child? How does it feel to be told how many kids you can have
    Apr 21 1
    • Recent policy change allows 2 children... However, due to high breeding/education cost in major cities, most of my colleagues still choose single child
      Apr 21
  • Google praise
    Haha. The number of posts of Indians is a very tiny percentage of people.
    Apr 18 0


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