Do MLEs get paid more than non phd product data scientists?

Walmart crentist
Sep 22 3 Comments

5 yoe data scientist with masters

Question says it all. How difficult is it for product data scientists to pivot to MLE roles?

TC 120k


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  • Niantic Yicd09
    Not that hard to move from one to another. Learn Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, etc., do a bit more coding. The lack of a PhD won't be an issue, though you'll probably get paid slightly less than someone with the degree.
    Sep 22 0
  • Credit Karma iyabfmk
    Engineering get paid more than product, and engineering > data science, so very easy to infer from there.

    Can a product data scientist become a MLE? Probably not unless you went to IIT for undergrad or something like that.
    Sep 22 0
  • Veritas dogyear
    Tc or gtfo
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