Do big four accounting firm like PwC, KPMG, EY withdraw I-140 once you leave the firm?

Jan 30 8 Comments

Does anyone know if big four accounting firm would withdraw I-140 if you leave within 6 months of approval?


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  • Bank of America / Other tSWv17
    It's not (legally) mandatory for employers to revoke I-140 in the 6 months, in-case you leave..but they are "suggested" (as per guidelines) to do so in the event an employee leaves within the 6 months.

    Long story short: not worth the risk OP.
    Jan 31 0
  • Technically you can't withdraw I140
    Jan 30 2
    • Google wFatDuck2
      Exactly after 6 months I think they can't
      Jan 30
    • KPMG CBGa86
      I mean within the 6 months or before 180 days
      Jan 30
  • Barclays PLC Bucky231
    They cannot withdraw after 6 months of approval according to current law.
    Jan 30 0
  • Google wFatDuck2
    Oh then it's possible and why would you leave before then? After 6 months the date is yours to keep/transfer
    Jan 30 0
  • KPMG None!
    Repay the cost and they probably won’t
    Jan 30 0
  • Veritas / Other 13Jija
    Nobody has time to revoke I140. But, if you really pissed of your manager, burned bridges and stole and publicly shared some trade secrets then yes they will come after you. Revoking is a process in itself and costs money.
    Jan 30 0


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