Do you feel guilty ordering food?

Amazon XGgK63
Feb 4 22 Comments

It's snowing today, do you feel guilty ordering on ubereats from 2-3 streets away?


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TOP 22 Comments
  • Apple / Data

    Apple Data

    No need to feel guilty, just feel grateful and more tips if you are comfortable.
    Feb 4 4
    • Amazon XGgK63
      I am! Is 5$ enough for a 30$ bill? Feeling terrible
      Feb 4
    • Oracle / Eng QuankQuank
      You are so cheap Amazon- I would pay $10
      Feb 4
    • EMC yskV77
      Definitely at least 10 for the trip in snow
      Feb 4
    • Amazon ibuddha
      Showing 'Frugality' while tipping? True Amazonian!
      Feb 5
  • Symantec O (1)
    Why feel guilty for spending your own money on your convenience?
    Feb 4 1
    • Amazon XGgK63
      I don't know..I keep thinking what's going on In the mind of person coming in cold to a heated building , handing off food to a lazy person like me..
      Feb 4
  • Apple cho Chang
    Most people on this app don’t need to pay for food on work days lol
    Feb 4 2
  • Facebook fQvt06
    This is not snow lol, move to colorado if you want to see snow
    Feb 4 1
    • Tableau krxi15
      😂 atleast take a better example like chicago or minnesota or something dude.
      Feb 4
  • Dell / Eng

    Dell Eng

    Dell EMC
    Yeah .. i walked the 2 blocks to pickup a pizza myself and tipped an extra $5 because they showed up while I worked from home.
    Feb 4 0
  • Tektronix / Sales

    Tektronix Sales

    Not if I tip well
    Feb 4 0
  • Microsoft / Eng gjwjzh
    I made a sandwhich
    Feb 4 1
  • Facebook AyyoLeMayo
    You are thinking like you are forcing them to do this lmao
    Feb 4 0
  • GrubHub / Eng

    GrubHub Eng

    Why do you think uber eats first?
    Feb 4 0
  • Facebook public2
    I do that even if not snowing because it is cheaper than going myself. Thanks vc money for half off lunch!
    Feb 4 0
  • Microsoft Larry Pаge
    I feel hangry if I don't
    Feb 4 0
  • Microsoft zDce41
    Feb 4 0
  • VMware bezoar
    Don't feel guilty. If the Uber drivers didn't want to drive through the snow, they'd just turn off the app.
    Feb 4 0