Does Amazon give a preference of you want to relocate to the US if your spouse is there?

Microsoft / Eng SVbd87
Sep 17 3 Comments

If you are working in Amazon India and your spouse is in Amazon US, do you get any preference of you apply for international relocation? I know Microsoft does give a preference to employees in such a situation.


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  • Amazon badroma
    There is no such thing as preference. You have to reach out to your counterparts in US and look for roles. Given your situation, your manager should help you find leads but that’s about it. You have to do the rest of the heavy lifting.
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  • Amazon / Data

    Amazon Data

    Does Microsoft have an official rule for that, or is it upto the manager?
    For Amazon, try looking up internal openings and contact the hiring managers. How much yoe do you have at Amazon india? I would imagine that a manager wouldn't be too keen on the transfer unless you're L5-L6 and/or exceptionally good.
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  • Amazon Tryin2Help
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