Does Salesforce check previous interview feedbacks?

Microsoft panre
Jun 22 3 Comments

I’ve failed in a Salesforce interview for SMTS last year (Was close, and they were ready to offer one level down). Now I got a call from different team in Salesforce for LMTS l(lead MTS) position. I’m sde-2 in Microsoft with 6yrs of experience and this does map to LMTS in Salesforce. Also for me it makes sense to go there only as LMTS, it’s just that last year I didn’t prepare at all for design and screwed up in that round.

Q1) Is this team going to check my previous feedback or generally that won’t be shared with this team prior to interview?

Q2) Should I even go ahead with this option given that they may stop the process or down level me to SMTS when they come to know that I didn’t even clear for SMTS last year


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  • Salesforce DREAMkid
    Q1) No unless you mention it.

    I got an offer from Salesforce last year and declined it. I interviewed with a different team and joined it.

    Q2) No. They don't down level you based on previous experience.
    Jun 22 1
    • Microsoft panre
      Thanks, I’ll proceed with the interview then.

      About point 1, does previous feedback not even visible to current team?
      Jun 23
  • Salesforce mb0
    People talk. Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s bad
    Aug 8 0


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