Does Samsung pay competitively in Bay Area?

LinkedIn LionKing1
Mar 24 12 Comments

Does Samsung or Samsung NEXT (their new incubation arm) pay L5+ Engineers and PMs well in the Bay Area? Can they offer the standard L5 min of 180+ base and 400K+ RSUs for total yearly comp of 300K+?


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  • New lolamin
    No, it's one of the worst in mountain view!! Don't fall for the trap, stay away!
    Mar 24 1
  • Samsung dbNJ02
    Worst compensation. 20% of your yearly salary paid as bonus. The bonus amount will be decided at your manager discretion.
    Apr 2 0
  • Yes they do.
    Mar 24 2
    • LinkedIn LionKing1
      Rough numbers? I hear they dont do RSU. If so how do they get you to 300+ without RSU?
      Mar 25
    • All cash
      Mar 25
  • Samsung WinterCame
    Don't waste time, money and career by joining Samsung. Unless you are Korean and are used to sucking up your boss's ass.
    Apr 3 1
    • Samsung dbNJ02
      Not only Korean. This particular location contains 70% of east Asians as well. A lot of bright people spending time in office politics ...
      Apr 3
  • Proofpoint / Other smallss
    Samsung doesn't offer stocks from what I know but have a bonus structure that has a wide range.
    Mar 24 1
    • LinkedIn LionKing1
      Is bonus competitive in Bay? (Eg $100K+ per year)
      Mar 24
  • Proofpoint / Other smallss
    Think Tank Team is part of SRA right?
    Can any SRA employees shed light into that team? They have accomplish a lot.
    Apr 3 0
  • Samsung Grfgju34)@
    Don’t join Samsung. No RSU. Compensation one of the worst.
    Mar 27 0