Does Uber arrange flight and hotel for onsite interview?

New / IT uchiha19
May 15 6 Comments

I have scheduled onsite but there’s no talk or instructions about flight or hotel arrangements.

Should I pay for it myself? Does Uber reimburse?


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TOP 6 Comments
  • NetBrain Technologies **op**
    They booked flight and hotel for me, for the onsite interview.
    May 15 4
    • Amazon dgnybsgb
      What about expenses? Food, transportation, etc.
      Are there limits to these?
      May 15
    • NetBrain Technologies **op**
      60$ for food per day, transportation to and fro from office and airport ( Uber x only)
      May 15
    • New / IT BcDM68
      What questions did they ask you in design rounds? I’m having onsite interview with Drivers team
      May 22
    • NetBrain Technologies ..x_x..
      Design yelp
      May 22
  • Facebook / Eng tinq
    They arrange Uber for you
    May 15 0