Does anyone believe in Juniper Networks?

Juniper SYwx52
Oct 31 21 Comments

What do you guys think, about the current state of affairs at Juniper? Is the company headed towards its death? Is there literally anyone happy here? If so can you please let me know what makes you happy here?


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  • What a shame! It's a great product.

    How is it monetized?
    I never understand how these things make money or pay employees. The product is free to all.
    Oct 31 5
  • Cisco echuck
    Theyโ€™re done. Andy is toxic but can never be removed.
    Oct 31 3
    • Juniper lonewolf89
      Perfectly put! Am guessing u are ex juniper! Management is afraid of forcing Andy out cos of too much risk. A company who doesn't risk anything does risk its own existence!
      Nov 1
    • Cisco echuck
      Andy made nice with the board and has put a few knives in Ramiโ€™s back already. He is untouchable.
      Nov 1
    • Juniper scandeep
      AA has good relations with his friends and families in management. Duh.
      Nov 3
  • Juniper aQvu13
    It's a sh**h***e ... just get out of here...
    Nov 6 0
  • Juniper SYwx52
    Also, I heard PFE team is totally disintegrated after nitin kumar left?
    How is the new guy doing?
    Nov 1 7
    • Cisco echuck
      I am curious as well. Pradeep totally raped that team. I think sadly the ASIC era at juniper is more likely dead than likely to continue.
      Nov 4
    • Juniper bVEM34
      Who said Nitin was good ? He also forced many good engineers out during his time which lead to complete chaos in the PFE team ! He was good engineer and will remain that way, folks expected management miracles from him. Anyways good days are gone.
      Nov 6
    • Cisco echuck
      Nitin doesnโ€™t have to have been good for his departure to have been bad. Juniper is in bad fucking shape.
      Nov 6
    • Juniper bVEM34
      New guy in trying hard to stop the damage already caused by Nitin during his tenure. But as echuck said the whole company is sinking right now so hard to recover.
      Nov 6
    • Cisco echuck
      Juniper was where I cut my teeth. I will always be thankful for the old timers beating on me. I was good when I got there but it was life changing. By 2004 it was fucked though.
      Nov 6
  • Juniper SYwx52
    How about people from cto org?
    Nov 1 1
    • Juniper
      magic now


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      Left two years ago
      Nov 9


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