Does facebook evaluate the lunch interview?

May 12 12 Comments

I have a facebook onsite coming up this week. Do facebook lunch interviewers submit feedback?

I know google doesn't, and only submits feedback if you say something bad enough to be hr worthy.


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  • Zillow Group Croissants
    They are going to see how fast you can eat 😝
    May 12 0
  • Facebook undrpa1d
    Very very rarely

    Think of it as a showcase of normal human manners, half decent language and some what vague general knowledge. I've seen someone get rejected because they were cursing during lunch and had very extreme views. The lunch escort provided her perspective which eventually tilted the decision because the candidate was on the bubble.
    May 12 1
    • Google Emily Post
      Surprising as this may sound, I have encountered the same...
      May 12
  • No, they don’t.
    May 12 0
  • Microsoft gfba68
    every interaction you have with an employee of that company counts, even if it's just one of them seeing you not wash your hands the night before at a restaurant
    May 12 0
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    • Zillow Group Croissants
      How do you know how expensive is the food? πŸ™‚all are equally free.
      May 13
    • BBDO sxYo02
      Do they take you to a restaurant or do you just eat at FB? If you just eat FB then it doesn't matter, obviously.
      May 13
    • Zillow Group Croissants
      MPK is in the middle of a desert nothing's around.
      May 13
    • This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

      You just go eat at the cafeteria and it's delicious and has nothing to do with the interview.

      It's just a chance to ask questions about the working environment with a real engineer.
      May 14
  • My lunch interview was delicious!! Goddamn it Facebook MPK you have fantastic catering! Who can be in a bad mood at a buffet? Fwiw use that time to to really ask what the job is like, the guy I was eating with was super open about stuff he was working on and his experience. You really won't get any time for those questions in the actual interview.
    May 13 0
  • VMware hdjsiwn
    May 12 0
  • Bank of America jumbala
    I'd try to imagine myself as an interviewer and see what things a candidate could do that would make me view them negatively from a professional standpoint. Then just avoid doing those things.
    May 12 0


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