Does your company give you free apparels?

PG&E Pilgrims
Feb 18 7 Comments

I see a lot of Salesforce people wearing nice Patagonia jacket/fleece with company logo on it. Do they give these out to employees for free? We get a hard hat with company logo lmao.


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TOP 7 Comments
  • New / Eng edgecase
    I believe the industry term is "swag". Most companies I worked for give out shirts, and hoodies. Waiting for the one that will give out a full face ski mask.
    Feb 18 0
  • New / R&D zipzap1
    Yes but I don’t wear it because I don’t want to look like a dweeb
    Feb 18 0
  • Cruise Automation Frend
    gotta brand your livestock, after all
    Feb 18 0
  • Yes!
    Feb 18 0
  • TD


    Forget apparel, we don't even get bananas.
    Feb 18 0
  • Salesforce guavacado
    No. Only SF people seem to get it
    Feb 18 0
  • Juniper sicksikh
    Feb 18 0


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