Doordash valutation $13B

Groupon timetogonw
May 17 23 Comments

Which direction is this company growing? Why is it having such insane bump in valuation in short time (i.e. in 3 months from $7.1B to $13B)? Is it heading for end of the year IPO or what?

Any insiders can share idea?

PS: I have an offer to join the company, but haven't made the final decision yet.


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  • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
    I don't know anything about these new set of reports about 13b+ valuation. But if you look at the last year or so, you would see that valuation went from 1.4b -> 4.1b -> 7.1b. The reason is that there is no other company in the space that could compete with us in terms of growth and overall revenue margin numbers. We are now the largest and fastest growing logistics company in North America. Our numbers are very solid compared to some of the recent tech IPOs. Search for any reports by second measure to see how the space has evolved in the last year.

    Having said all that, the valuation could be lofty and some of the future growth could be priced in already. But, given how large the business's opportunity is, if we could continue to demonstrate strong growth and path to profitability, things could continue to go well. DM me if you want to discuss more.
    May 17 2
    • Nvidia wooh!
      How about Uber Eats? How are they perceived as a competition?
      May 21
    • Unity ByeUnity
      We’d like to see numbers.
      May 22
  • Oracle / Eng aham
    Why do you want to jumo from Groupon to Doordash. Even Doordash will have same fate as Groupon.
    May 17 4
    • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
      Yeah, people with no idea about the business or the company are the best predictors of future success. Care to share why you think so? It is easy to make blanket statements
      May 17
    • Oracle / Eng aham
      Everyone has opinion. Good for you if you believe in company future but I don't. Good luck!
      May 17
    • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
      May 17
    • Yelp djang0
      May 24
  • New 58fjs8w
    Look at their insane growth
    May 17 1
    • Groupon timetogonw
      Where? Do they have details out of last 3 months of growth?
      May 17
  • Pinterest iiBk05
    If a company you applied to already got an investment from softbank, it’s probably too late to join. Look what happened to uber, people who joined the last 3 years had stock depreciation
    May 17 4
    • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
      Softbank invested in DoorDash in the round they were valued at 1.4b post money. Now they are valued at 7.1b and potentially at 13b in the near future (don't know anything about this round). Don't read too much into one company and one investment. Uber may not be the norm.
      May 17
    • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
      Doordash is still founders led, isn't burning cash in different parts of the world and is focused on one area that they know very well.
      May 17
    • Pinterest iiBk05
      They invested in both rounds. If you say doordash can potentially double, that can be said about any startup
      May 18
    • DoorDash l8Yhr3jI
      Doordash just announced series G at 12.6b post money valuation.
      May 23
  • Groupon abcdgo
    Yes, seems my offer is less lucrative now.
    May 23 1
    • OpenTable / Other fRtny64r
      Dm me I also have an offer
      May 23
  • DoorDash DashPass
    Contact recruiting before making any assumptions
    May 25 0

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