East coast tour with Chinese tour guide

Uber aclf51
Mar 17 11 Comments

I’m planning to book east coast tour with my family through take tours . Can anyone tell me how good / bad your experience was ?

Operator - taketours.com , 6 days east coast tour

Edit - I’m non-Chinese

Appreciate your feedback


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Are you Chinese? I would not tour with anyone but on my own...
    Mar 175
    • Uber aclf51
      Non Chinese
      Mar 17
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      I looked at the tour. One of the options is 6 days going to Liberty, Harvard Time Square like wtf. I’d go on my own. Buses to Boston cost like 30$ per seat.

      Disclaimer: chinese and from NY
      Mar 17
    • Oscar 🐨koala
      When I wake up I can list a few places to visit in NY that worth your time.
      Mar 17
    • Uber aclf51
      This is like going to Philadelphia, dc, niagara, Boston and nyc City for about $700 for 2 people with hotel stay included and I don’t want to drive.
      Mar 17
    • Google


      intercity buses are unpleasant
      prefer taxi and Amtrak
      Mar 17
  • Google / Eng


    Top Contributor or GTFO
    Avoid organized tours unless you are too lazy to read a little bit about the places you are visiting and organize the trip yourself.
    Mar 171
  • Dolby / EngViAt
    Not that bad, I have been on one with my parents. except food options (stops they take will usually have Chinese eating places)
    Mar 170
  • Microsoft weirvhtd
    Know about non Chinese who have been on this.
    As long as you are ok with Chinese food, you should be able to manage
    Mar 170
  • Western Digital We.care
    Sight seeing tour in a different language audience, you may like it you may not. If you like that kind of things and itinerary is what you like, especially if you don't want to drive, go for it.
    Mar 170

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