Engineering Project Manager(EPM)

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Posting for a friend:

Recruiter contacted for apple hardware products. Anyone at Apple know what the types of duties are for Engineering Project Manager? Is this a Product/Program/Project Manager role?

Also what’s Compensation for this type of position in Bay Area? Thanks


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  • Apple LfVR06
    It means different things in many groups. At a high level it will be owning a project for a piece of hardware that could go straight into a product, or be part of hardware that supports creation or testing of a product. Could possibly be more long term R&D work as well.

    It’s a lot of organizing meetings, figuring out who the right stakeholders are in your group to work on problems, reporting up to management the status of your project, working with vendors and contract manufacturers to build hardware, driving engineers to finish tasks, creating schedules and budgets, could be some light technical work supporting engineers depending on the group.

    EPM is a lot of people skills and politics and having familiarity with the technical tasks being done when working with technical engineers. You’re typically the face of the program, get copied on all the emails, and managers and execs hear from you and come to you when shit hits the fan.
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    • Taylor Farms azerty_
      That all sounds cool!
      Do you know the TC range for this position?
      Aug 22
    • MoneyGram International <=>
      Thanks for the details... any idea on TC range in Bay Area for this position
      Aug 22
  • Wells Fargo iamLeaving
    (On behalf of Atinlay2) Your friend should ask this question!
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    • MoneyGram International <=>
      😄😄 he should have... but I am just helping my friend
      Aug 21
  • Microsoft UfzO38
    TC for this position, anyone ?? ICT4
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