Engineers over 40 - would you redo any career decisions you made in your 20’s

ServiceNow st6ovat
Mar 14 18 Comments

Did you make any decisions earlier in your career which you would do differently with the knowledge you have now?


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TOP 18 Comments
  • Facebook / Engcijre
    Enjoy my 20s and 30s. Fuck around and sleep with as many women as possible. Once you are married, it fucking sucks
    Mar 146
    • Morgan Stanley hotChicken
      It sucks only if you get caught
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft


      Sounds like you need to reconsider some decisions you’re making now
      Mar 14
    • Guidewire Califrag
      Mar 15
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      Why does this comment not surprise me coming from the finance industry?
      Mar 15
    • Morgan Stanley hotChicken
      The financial industry is all about fucking as much people as possible whatever the meaning you give to 'fucking'.
      Mar 15
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      I think you forgot snorting
      Mar 15
  • Clover Health JCyp58
    Absolutely... I was the 7th employee at a very successful startup and made a lot of money. I spent it all over 20 years living like someone who didn’t care about a thing. Had to go back to work in my forties. Buy and save my friends :)
    Mar 141
  • Microsoft BADC0DE
    Yes, PhD. Didn’t go (far) down the academic/research path, and it’s not very useful now. Not wasted, as I enjoyed the work and learnt a ton, but industry experience at that time would have put me 4-5 years ahead now.

    Another, possibly more generic (and after 20’s for me), is to stick with things longer, even through “better” opportunities/options. Multiple product cycles, deep experience, and some battle-scars are useful later in life.
    Mar 142
    • Veritas / StrategyxWfa06
      I know and yet have trouble doing it.
      Mar 14
    • Intel / EngDonaldDD's
      Good advice on the "battle-scars" and deep experience. I'm young, and I think this makes sense from some observations
      Mar 15
  • Google chhrhd
    I have stayed in my comfort zone looking for only jobs that suit my strengths. We learn more and grow if we do the opposite.
    Mar 150
  • Google camelCase
    Would have joined Google 20 years ago. LOL
    Mar 140
  • Should’ve joined FB back in 2009.
    Mar 150
  • New mdGG61
    1 - Move to the Bay area sooner. 2 - Join Whatsapp as early as possible. 3 - Proffit!
    Mar 140
  • Lyft zz7yqa45
    Don't work for crooks!
    Mar 151
    • Scotiabank XWAs00
      Y u working for Lyft then
      Mar 15

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