Entry Level Product Manager?

PayPal / Product pplyan
Aug 14 7 Comments

I'm just finishing up a SWE Internship at PayPal with a return offer. Is it okay to ask my manager to refer me to a Associate Product Manager level instead of a Software Engineer?


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  • Yelp pre IPO
    You will probably have to re-interview. Internships are intended to assess you for a particular role.
    Aug 14 2
    • Agreed! Take the SWE and then switch. Your profile will be better suited for APM then. Switch within a year.
      Aug 14
    • PayPal / Product pplyan
      Did this and don't regret it now! Thanks
      Aug 20
  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative advantageZ
    Most entry level product managers are from Stanford for UBberk. Otherwise you’ll have to go the grinding route: Eng degree then switch to product management
    Aug 14 1
    • PayPal / Product pplyan
      I'm an international student, what are my chances of breaking into PM?
      Aug 20
  • PayPal cptds
    Don’t switch before you know what you’re getting into. Your training as an engineer will not prepare you for a role as a PM at PayPal or almost other companies.
    Aug 14 0
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    You can always ask though. Ask what the process looks like and decide. But accepting a return offer is likely the wise decision gere.
    Aug 14 0