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Apple duwaiqkak1
Apr 2 10 Comments

YOE --> 10 years
5 years at Apple

7 years as SWE transitioned to EPM after
3 years Engineering Program Manager in SWE


TC - 250k


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  • Adobe jmx!
    ^ LOL at two contradicting comments back to back. Welcome to Blind
    Apr 2 0
  • VMware meisyebrj
    Program manager in my team basically schedules scrum calls, other meetings, team outings , etc. basically a secretary .

    Maybe they do a more technical job at Apple or other companies in which case compensation will be different.
    Apr 2 2
    • Apple duwaiqkak1
      Yeah thats not a Program Manager at Apple role. That is admin role
      Apr 2
    • Axtria Rednwhite
      Apr 3
  • AppDynamics ibzyvshs
    That’s also coz “program manager” in google and vmware are very very different.
    Apr 2 0
  • Google Happyness
    Feels low for a program manager
    Apr 2 0
  • VMware meisyebrj
    Feels high for a program manager
    Apr 2 0
  • Amazon / Eng banana! 🍌
    Kinda low to be honest. Super low if in CA.
    Apr 2 0
  • LG lzml
    Feels low for YOE at Apple but what do I know 🤷‍♂️
    What location?
    Apr 2 1