Ex-Amazonian Career

Feb 27 4 Comments

What amount of chances you have to get hired in good companies like ADOBE, FLIPKART, ZOHO etc. provided you have Amazon as work experience (may be around 2 - 4 years)? Does the other companies will try to prioritize you over other candidates during interview? Like for instance. If some does very well in the interview and he has medium/low level company as history (AND) IF I perform average in the interview and also I have amazon experience.. Who will be prioritized?...

Does skill matter or history matters?


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  • Tableau Ydobon
    Skill. Past experience will only, at best, get you looked at. It won't get you the job.
    Feb 27 1
  • Google see or
    Well I think more than past company, the kind of work you might do is more important and the interview.

    I have seen the only advantage of having a good company on resume is that you get lot of calls for interviews and may be you could skip phone screen (may be not always). It ends there.
    Feb 27 0
  • Amazon RJCMPR
    Thanks a lot guys. I get it now. Even I got so many calls (around 20-25 company) having Amazon as my experience. So, yeah getting noticed by a company and scheduling interview is as hard as clearing the interview and getting placed in a company. So, yeah, there is a good advantage of having Amazon work exp on the resume.
    Feb 27 0