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New / Eng wVRv31
Aug 15 11 Comments

I'm working as software engineer in small company in Midwest and planning to move to Bay Area.

I'm solving LC and CTCI and just got leetcode premium subscription.

My question is:
If I'm planning to interview in particular company, for example in FB, should I be focused on questions with tag Facebook and will maximum frequency?
Like for the FB it LC questions: #1,15,973,23,56,301,253 etc if I'll sort questions by maximum frequency.

What chances/percentage that if I'll prepare for example 30 most frequent questions for FB and all questions that they will ask me during interview process will be from those LC?

I understand that the question is pretty silly but it's very important for me. I don't have any friends who worked in FAANG so Blind for me is the only friend there :)

I will verify grateful for any advice /recommendations

Thank you!

TC 110


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  • Microsoft / Eng coolbloke
    An offer from FAANG (or any company) is a result of a combination of desire, perseverance, skill/talent, knowledge, luck. Apparently you are prioritizing one component, I'd focus on a few other pieces too.
    Aug 15 2
    • Facebook / Eng

      Facebook Eng

      Just luck for me. I prepared exactly 2 days for G and 1 day for F.
      Aug 15
    • Charles Schwab / Eng bLDY08
      How did you prep?
      Sep 5
  • New / Mgmt

    New Mgmt

    I like doing the related questions
    Aug 15 1
    • Qualcomm / Eng dynasty001
      Follow up questions are great
      Aug 15
  • Microsoft mone
    If you are concerned about which questions to solve, you aren't doing it right.

    While tagged questions may help you get lucky and boost your chances, it is important that you prepare to be comfortable with Leetcode like questions in general.
    Aug 15 0
  • Quantcast


    From personal experience to ace these interviews do the company tagged questions + 300ish medium + hard LC
    Aug 15 0
  • Booking.com / Admin

    Booking.com Admin

    If it's on leetcode, then very likely that interviewers also know that. They probably won't ask the question as it is. Try to understand how to come up with a solution, then twist some criteria and think how to change your code.
    Aug 15 0
  • Xilinx uMHG61w
    Facebook questions at least for my interview were 100 percent straight out of leetcode fb tagged and Amazon are easier than fb tagged . So if you just do those 2 and fully able to understand and memorize the solutions you're solid
    Aug 15 1
    • Microsoft francos
      There are like 450 FB tagged questions. Were they from top 50 most frequently asked questions?
      Aug 16
  • Bloomberg wnuJ08
    You will most likely get exact lc questions on interviews by the word, especially amazon or facebook, but any company really. However, you should not count on it, and chances are very high the tagged questions are what you will see in respective company’s interviews. Try to really solve them and learn the pattern. As u get closer to your interview, focus on the solutions and the breath. Good luck!
    Aug 15 0