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Amazon / Eng Scorpion63
May 7 13 Comments

Completed an onsite interview for Facebook last week. Standard 4 rounds (2 coding, 1 behavioral, and 1 system design). Went well and received positive feedback from Recruiter yesterday. But he said even though the overall feedback was good, the HC thinks based on my experience level and how the other 2 rounds went, they want to consider for E5. And for that there is a lack in data points from coding interviews and is asking for an extra phone interview.

1. Is this normal?
2. How hard will the phone interview be? What questions can I expect? Will they be LC easy, medium or hard?
3. How many questions will they be targeting here in 45 minutes?
4. Based on the previous question, if they are targeting more than 1 question, what if I can only complete 1 question or what if I completely bomb this interview? Will they still consider me for E4 or its a complete reject?
5. How soon will they get back after this interview?

Current TC - 200k
YOE - 8


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Yoe ?
    May 7 1
  • Facebook CvMN10
    It’s pretty common
    May 7 1
    • Amazon / Eng Scorpion63
      Can you please help answer all the questions?
      May 7
  • Riverbed Technology WAWX65
    Recruiter called you to give feedback or emailed ?
    May 9 1
  • Microsoft bqXj02
    I’m about do interview for E6 and the expected loop is 2 design, 2 coding and 1 behavior. With only one design maybe you were always considered for E5 and they just need some more signal before making an offer.
    May 7 1
    • Amazon / Eng Scorpion63
      I was never told what role they were interviewing me for, so I always assumed it was for E4.
      May 9
  • Amazon leetboy
    Is it me or is your TC a bit lower than usual at Amazon?

    I'm assuming you're an L5 SDE.
    May 7 1
    • Amazon / Eng Scorpion63
      Yes, agreed. Didn't negotiate well while joining couple of years ago. Yes, I am an L5 SDE.
      May 7
  • Oath silentab
    How was the interview, did you get the job ?
    Jun 17 0
  • Sapient / Eng

    Sapient Eng

    JPMorgan Chase
    Hey did you got yhe final feedback
    May 25 0
  • BBDO sxYo02
    Good luck man. No pressure right?
    May 10 0


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