Facebook New Grad Stock Negotiation

Salesforce tech_god
Nov 11 16 Comments

I recently got a new grad offer from FB:

Base: 118k w/ 10% target bonus
Stock: 160k / 4 years
Sign on: 70k

I have a Google onsite coming up and I'm planning to negotiate hard to improve my offers. Is it possible to get FB stock up to 220k and signing bonus to 100k if my Google offer is good enough even though I'm not a returning FB intern?


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  • Microsoft chipsPlz
    Yes - just tell them you have no morals/ethics and will do anything to spy on people to sell their data and intrude on their lives like a creep.

    Almost-jokes aside, yes, Google is one name that you should always mention while negotiating with Facepuke
    Nov 11 6
    • Facebook public2
      No tech company would sell user data; it would be a bad business model.
      Nov 11
    • eBay / Other ice cube
      Lol Facebook
      Nov 11
    • Facebook public2
      What's so funny? If google sold data they would make a fraction of what they do.
      Nov 11
    • Cisco
      🦙 Alpaca


      I am the Alpaca. DM me if you want to cuddle.
      🦙 Alpacamore
      I guess even tech people think data can be sold for sales 🤦‍♂️
      Nov 11
    • FLYR hQJf32
      Should’ve read the TOS before putting your data out there if you guys are so butthurt 🤷‍♂️
      Nov 11
  • Is it easier to negotiate for more stock than for more equivalent base?
    Nov 11 2
    • Salesforce tech_god
      Google's new grad (bachelor's) base is 120k w/ 15% target bonus. They won't negotiate that but stock and signing bonus are fair game.
      Nov 11
    • I want that sweet sweet rsu bump
      Nov 11
  • Salesforce peaceguy
    Have you interned at Salesforce, you must have got a better Salesforce full time offer ?
    Nov 11 3
    • Salesforce tech_god
      This FB offer is better than Salesforce's.
      Nov 11
    • Salesforce lzdE44
      What was Salesforce offer?
      Nov 11
    • Salesforce tech_god
      Base: 133k w/ 10% target bonus
      Stock: 100k / 4 years
      Sign on: 25k

      Both FB and Salesforce have 10k relocation as well.
      Nov 11
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Amazon, Facebook
    Was in your position. They only negotiate signing - base is the same and stock is based on your intern performance. Congrats on the offer
    Nov 12 0
  • Tableau Anone
    What school do you go to?
    Nov 11 0


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