Facebook PMM - waiting for final decision

Accenture / Strategy t5234
Jul 15 10 Comments

Just looking for some insight/guidance into the hiring process at Facebook.

I got amazing feedback from the hiring team (manager and director) throughout the process and had my onsite interview with 3 cross-functional partners on Friday. I felt that the onsite went ok- not as good as my previous rounds with the people who would be my actual team.

I woke up to a message from my recruiter this morning asking what my salary expectations are and what other roles I am considering and how FB compares to those.

Is this a good sign? I've read that FB hiring can be slow... but should I expect to get a verbal offer in the next 2-3 days if I'm going to get it? Also, who has the strongest input in the hiring decision - the team I would actually be working with who loves me, or some of the cross-functional people who I may not have blown away?



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  • Unity thugelmo
    I told you
    Jul 16 0
  • Oath Andrea29F
    Accenture to Facebook. Good switch man. Congrats!
    Jul 15 3
    • Facebook easzss
      if there's one thing that people should learn, it's to not count offers before they are in hand
      Jul 15
    • Accenture / Strategy t5234
      well - now you can count them @easzss.

      Got the offer just now!
      Jul 16
    • Oath Andrea29F
      What’s the offer?
      Jul 16
  • Amazon Not JeffBZ
    Do you mind sharing offer and Yoe? Also which group? I interviewed last week as well with Ads team and did pretty well (or so I think). Anxiously waiting for result now.
    Jul 16 1
    • Accenture / Strategy t5234

      YOE: 2
      Offer: TC 150k
      Jul 17
  • Facebook easzss
    There's no way it's that fast as they have to wait for feedback to be entered into the system and have a debrief, so don't read into it.

    Also, they could be waiting to finish interviews with other candidates from MBB etc. Too many factors outside of your control. Focus on other things and let it be a pleasant surprise if it happens.

    Asking for salary and other offers is standard protocol.
    Jul 15 1
    • Accenture / Strategy t5234
      "from MBB".

      Jul 16
  • Unity thugelmo
    When they ask they are trying to see what they can draft for you it’s a good sign
    Jul 15 0


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