Facebook non-tech IC5 offer

Amazon / Creative UB40oz
May 22 18 Comments

Current [Seattle]: $210k TC, $135k base, $75k RSU, L6 Designer, 10 YOE

Facebook offer [Menlo Park]: $235k TC, $165k base, 15% bonus target, $180k RSU over 4 years, $40k sign on, IC5

I’m in year three at AMZN and no refreshers so far. Feel like this is the time to jump to get back to California.

Can this work in the Bay Area? When weighing the opportunity cost of passing, I’m leaning yes.


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  • Amazon Beff-Jezos
    Seattle to Bay Area? I wouldn’t do that with only 25k more TC...
    May 22 0
  • Amazon fKhc35
    You’ll end up saving less, these extra 25k will go in taxes. Try getting it increased. If its not about money, Bay area is a better place to move.
    May 22 3
    • Amazon / Creative UB40oz
      It’s not purely about money, since it would mean a return home. Mainly wondering if that TC cuts it for decent housing.
      May 22
    • Facebook VTba14
      The bay area is an absolutely nasty place to live, money concerns aside.
      May 22
    • Microsoft KingLoki
      The new TC increase barely covers California taxes of 10%. So after taxes you’ll have essentially the same TC as Seattle in the Bay Area. Given it’s more expensive there - you have to downgrade. Now that you have an offer in hand, interview elsewhere and get a better offer.
      May 22
  • Facebook pVam17
    You can make it work. And for non tech IC5 that is a good offer at FB.
    May 22 0
  • Square Dhdiidjdjd
    It’s financially a lateral move, but since you want to be in the Bay anyhow it’s an upgrade. Go for it and spend time finding a (relatively) affordable living situation here.

    I’m as guilty as any but try not to optimize big life decisions around relatively small financial differences
    May 22 0
  • Facebook FBRock
    FB has higher refresher. AMZN RSU will drop to 0 after 4 years.
    May 22 2
    • Amazon mghd
      May 22
    • Amazon mghd
      AMZN refreshes RSUs every year after your first 4 years. Dont know where you get your info from.
      May 22
  • Amazon / Design UB40oz
    Wound up passing after all, but it was a tough decision. Ultimately the step back would have been too destabilizing for my kids. Great experience, wished it could have broke a different way.
    May 23 1
    • Uber justg
      If you have kids then that's prob the right call not moving back to Bay area
      May 24
  • Facebook Pbuj80
    Yoe<3 for IC5? You must have done great in interviews!
    May 22 1
    • Amazon ........,.
      Op said year three at Amazon, not yoe. Op probably gained experience before joining Amazon as well.
      May 22
  • Facebook FB 📈🚀
    Don't forget bonus multiplier. 20% for exceeds, 30% for greatly. When you make E6 its 20/25/40.
    May 22 0
  • Facebook / Data

    Facebook Data

    I suggest you should also look at share price increase... $210k of Amazon would be $220-230k by end of year based on stock price appreciation. $235k at fb could be $245k .... reduces the gap a lot
    May 22 0
  • Uber justg
    There are families living on <100k. There's no way 235k won't work in Bay area
    May 22 0
  • New / Product WgHa48
    Better chance of career progress here but 25k bump is not that great
    May 22 0


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