Failed Netflix onsite what to do

Sam's Club proloss
Oct 13 18 Comments

I tried the onsite interview with Netflix with an infrastructure team, did 2.5 rounds distributed system design and 1.5 round on concurrency. I did pretty well on the system design, but I took some major hints to complete the coding. for concurrency. Due to this, HM decided not to move forward with me but suggested to help refering me to other teams that might not require strong background on concurrency.

Is pivoting to another team a possibility? I’m interested in developing APIs and microservices, they all seem to need strong background in concurrency. I know how to code with concurrency, but just not fluent enough.

Should I just look elsewhere or there are some backend teams that could be a good fit?

Any insights and advice is appreciated.


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  • Uber / Eng itsdara
    Leet harder
    Oct 13 8
    • Amazon fjsg29
      Agree @Uber. Just that it's super rare to get even a chance to debug Concurrency bug 😭
      Oct 13
    • Sam's Club proloss
      Yeah agreed. All I did in the past are building stateless APIs, perhaps sending multiple API calls or DB queries in parallel at most, which doesn’t need anything like synchronized or Semaphore... Any suggestions how to improve this skills?
      Oct 13
    • Amazon fjsg29
      With you on this OP!
      Oct 13
    • read a book on concurrency. what language do you use?

      for java, java concurrency in practice is a very good book, slightly outdated but covers all the fundamentals
      Oct 13
    • New


      The Walt Disney Company
      Leet hard, yeet hard
      Oct 13
  • Netflix I🤳🏻guy
    You weren’t a good fit for the team. Take the olive branch to see if you’re a good fit for another. I know several people who were passed by several teams before finding the right fit.

    Infra/platform teams at Netflix deal with pretty hard concurrency and distributed systems problems. Probably the hardest part of the company to be hired in.
    Oct 15 2
    • Sam's Club p2v2
      Thanks for the answer. Do you have some suggestion on which team might need less concurrency? I’m good at system architecture, java and spring.
      Oct 15
    • Netflix I🤳🏻guy
      Content engineering? They really need people who understand spring and know how to build solid full stack services. Not streaming scale problems in that org and more product specific. Depends a lot on your experience of course. Check out the runtime team as well. They deal with spring extensively. But you’ll have to have extremely high marks in spring internals and java for that team.
      Oct 15
  • Samsung @googlenow
    Keep applying. Never rely on 1 interview. This will help you increase TC if you receive competitive offer

    Btw anywhere else would be an upgrade from Sam's..
    Oct 13 2
    • Uber / Eng itsdara
      Like Sam...sung?
      Oct 13
    • Samsung @googlenow
      Yes, keep reading. Upgraded all the way up
      Oct 13
  • Reliable Software / Eng Atinlay5
    @op what's your primary language? And @others/@op how to learn more about concurrency?

    I have nightmares from my college just by trying to implement a failed thread pool in c let alone doing anything more complex.
    Oct 13 0
  • New / Design 👩‍🎨🎨🖍
    If she’s referring you then it’s probably a possibility otherwise she’s wasting her own time. That being said I knew someone who did they same but got rejected from both 🤷‍♀️
    Oct 13 0
  • New vnkkkgg

    Could you please share the type of distributed system design you were asked? What did they ask you to design? Data storage?
    Oct 16 0


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