Finance/Accounting guy wants to learn api/json etc?

Apr 3 10 Comments

I am a finance/accounting guy working heavily on erp side of the house on implementation/support etc..

Considering growing number of companies are going for cloud based erp systems, the use of sql is almost removed as you don’t really have backend dB access for cloud.

However, it opens the door for building integrations through api per se.

I am curious to know if anyone can guide and help explain as finance/accounting guy who has good sql skills, what cloud based integrations tools I should learn? I am not hoping to be full technical expert but someone who can read a json file?

A sample scenario is, how would you build integration between cloud erp and Expensify?

Any advise much appreciated.

I am talking about oracle fusion cloud, workday cloud, Coupa cloud, net suite erp cloud to name a few systems I have worked on..

Tc 220k 7yoe


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  • Oracle / Other uYXP00
    That much tc for an accounting role? Is that common in Uber/Bay Area?
    Apr 3 6
    • OP
      You seem jealous or ignorant of the fact non-eng can also earn that much?
      Apr 3
    • Unity / Mgmt thugelmo
      Says a lot about oracle perception
      Apr 3
    • Oracle / Other uYXP00
      Says more about your attitude. Read my question, does it sound jealous? Was legitimately interested to know. Have ton of friends in tahat field so neeed to advice them to seek greener pastures. And btw you are an idiot
      Apr 3
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    • Oracle / Other uYXP00
      Meh meh meh help me with json meh meh meh. Kick rocks 🤓
      Apr 3
  • Dropbox drl/food
    Figure out how you can automate your current job.
    Apr 3 2
    • OP
      That’s what I asked here. But seems English is not your cup of tea.
      Apr 3
    • Morgan Stanley tfti
      Is that really the right attitude to have? It's not what you asked in your long and convoluted post.
      Apr 3


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