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Intel uPRx25
Oct 3 4 Comments

It would be great if someone could advice me on the following topics:

1)Which bank is safe and give good interest rate on savings in the US?
2)What all investment techniques people use to increase their money (both in the US and India), and how to research about them?
3)If I have to send money to India, then which mode should be taken:
a)Take cashier's cheque and deposit to my indian bank account?
b)Use any third-party service like remitly, western union etc. If, then which one should be preferred?
c)Any other medium?


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  • Lucile Packard Children's Hosp MPT
    I might be able to refer you to a friend, she's a financial professional and give a complimentary financial strategy. Send me a private message
    Oct 3 1
    • Intel uPRx25
      Thank you very much for the reply and kind words. I am unable to see any option to send a private message here. Can you help me on this?. It would be really helpful and appreciated if I could get financial strategy from your friend.
      Oct 4
  • Broadcom Ltd. Matsumoto
    1) try one of the online high yield savings account
    3) remitly should be fine
    Oct 3 0
  • Citibank / Mgmt šŸŸršŸ·ļø
    1) All US banks are safe. They're generally going to offer similiar rates on basic checking/savings accounts but there are numerous websites to compare the offerings.

    2) Index funds and real estate.

    3) I can't help here.
    Oct 3 0


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