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InVision WbBi01
Nov 28

Two part question:

1. What is the best place to find the top freelance design talent? (Behance, Dribbble, Upwork, etc)

2. As a designer, what would get you excited when reading a job posting for a freelance gig? What are tells that the client won’t be a pain to work with?


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  • New / Design


    Senior Graphic Designer with lots of experience in branding, web, and print production. Strong focus on composition, sketching and typography.
    1. Dribbble used to be a tight knit community of top designers who had to be invited to join. It has lately become pretty over saturated with mediocre quality work. Still better than a google search i suppose, but you might be better off asking your network for referrals.

    Behance is the first place a design student usually goes to upload their work so could be good if you are looking for new grads. Again there’s just so many profiles on there.

    Creative placement agencies are another option as they usually vet their talent first.

    Best option is network and find people you can trust through referrals.

    2. For me it’s usually about the industry and project. Designers are really passionate about trendy design techniques so anything that allows them to use their typography and illustration skills will be favored over web banners, product manuals, etc. Also anything prestigious or high budget that could become a hallmark of their portfolio would be a big bonus since the designer has to attract more clients once the project is done.
  • Lyft RFiv51
    1. Friends referral or offline designer communities. 2. Money and product type, I’d like to try something different from work. Experienced team, or at least an experienced PM.
    Nov 290
  • Microsoft / Product@zzz
    I am not a big fan of 2 part questions.
    Nov 280

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