Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies List 2019

Oct 16 6 Comments


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Google netto
    If Netflix plays their cards right, they might be able to pass Saudi Telecom!
    Oct 16 1
    • Facebook / Creative
      Gotta admit, didn’t invest my time in the 100 part of top100, so you win!

      Saudi Telecom! Disassembling failing engineers into pieces with a saw!
      Oct 16
  • Microsoft unfanged
    Oct 16 1
  • Facebook / Creative
    It is very credible. We all know that China Telecom beats Facebook. Although I miss Albertsons in top5.
    Oct 16 0
  • Apple svsuh
    I mean if AT&T is among the 10 top, you can understand the credibility!
    Oct 17 0


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