Frequent flyers who do so for FUN

Credit Karma smallson
Jan 27 5 Comments

1. How often do you travel?
2. Where do you go and from where?
3. Are you loyal to an airline? If so which one?
4. Most importantly, how do you get the time off?


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TOP 5 Comments
  • New stuY17
    1. Once a month usually
    2. SF->Europe
    ->east coast
    Most often
    3. No. Sometimes charter depending on who else is coming
    4. Put it on my calendar
    Jan 28 2
    • Credit Karma smallson
      How much time off do you use each month? How many days are you typically gone for?
      Jan 28
    • New stuY17
      10 days is the norm. Usually leave Thursday afternoon and come back Sunday night or Monday morning
      Jan 28
  • GoDaddy 5"6 Indian
    1. Generally weekends
    2. Transcons
    3. Yes, used to be Eewnited but now Alaska
    4. Doing it on weekends, but if the price is right, GoDaddy has unlimited PTO anyways
    Jan 28 1
    • Credit Karma smallson
      What airport are you based out of? You go to places like Europe using just Saturday and Sunday?
      Jan 28