Front end job for a backend engineer

Honeywell / Eng that1guy
Feb 1 5 Comments

I was thinking of mixing things up and apply to an app based company, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, etc. but I’m senior engineer 10 yoe in backend java services.
Would I be laughed out of an interview when I say I’m great with leetcode, even better in architecting system designs, but I’ve never done objective C/Swift a day in my life, some scripting languages like python/JavaScript, etc.

Do they simply value deep knowledge that can learn skills quickly or only immediate experience in the practical skills?


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  • VMware HighJosh!
    All the front end role interview I have done at fang were heavily concentrated on JavaScript questions plus few rounds of algorithms and system design. And I agree with ko8 that you can also do backend jobs at these companies; not all roles are user interface related. Personally I find backend job easier than front end. Others may feel differently.
    Feb 1 1
    • Oscar / Other Tender
      Except when you have to deal with sql.
      Feb 1
  • Google ko8
    Not at all. There's tons of backend only roles in app-based companies like that. When interviewing, they probably won't even ask if you know how to program apps.
    Feb 1 0
  • Lyft lit
    I was in a similar boat when applying. It's totally normal so feel free to apply.

    Do you want to do front end work ? might want to get the foot in the door using backend interview and pick a product team which supports that.
    Feb 1 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    You wouldn’t have a problem transitioning to a junior android role.
    Feb 1 0