Frontend Engineer => Full stack Engineer

New exWW00
Jul 18, 2018 2 Comments

I am a Frontend dev did full stack first year out of college & Frontend for the last 2 years. Plan to switch to full stack software engineer & also join FAANG. Recently took course on cloud computing, learning SQL again - I know the basics- but I don’t know which language to focus on. Guys kindly share your experience if you have moved to full stack from Frontend & if it makes sense to apply to FAANG as Frontend or full stack.

Thanks in advance

TC: €60K 3YOE Berlin


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  • VMware nitO16
    Pick any language that is in demand (demands in tech change frequently) - some have higher learning curve than others (Java and python are easier to come up to speed, go is a bit harder to get good at it). I would look up what is in demand, and also focus on what the companies you are targeting mostly use on their products. But also determine how long are you planning to study/practice the language you pick. If you haven't worked for some time on any language (side project at least) it's hard to come across as proficient during interviews (when all sorts of factors also get in the picture).
    Jul 18, 2018 1
    • Google XVWX88
      Learn python. Best for interviews and nobody will discount it.

      Java and cpp expertise opens the most doors at FAANG though. Outside of FAANG JavaScript is a positive.
      Jul 18, 2018


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