Future opportunities after Amazon

Oracle QWERTY111
May 3 10 Comments

Does getting referrals/interviews become easier after working at Amazon? Do FAANG recruiters cold-email Amazon engineers?


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  • Google policies
    Amazon recruiters also cold email Amazon employees for Amazon roles. 😂😂. This is not a joke.
    May 3 4
    • Amazon gudguygabo
      I hate to agree with you! ;)
      May 3
    • Amazon / Eng bCxp50
      Can confirm; has happened to me.
      May 3
    • Amazon 22/7
      and LinkedIn keeps recommending me same Amazon position I have now 😂
      May 3
    • Microsoft hsgkehs
      May 3
  • Absolutely it does. It's just business. There's a higher probability that you will be a good fit for FAANG if you've already worked for a FAANG company. When a company has spent the time to hire and groom an engineer, other companies capitalize on that by trying to woo them in vs trying to hire/groom someone outside FAANG
    May 3 3
    • Bloomberg / Eng iVX372
      Amazon isn't necessarily better than Oracle in terms of engineering hiring bar
      May 3
    • Wayfair / Eng

      Wayfair Eng

      Wayfair, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra
      software engineer
      it is, people will flock to amazon, the only thing it's missing is free food and generous vacation policy. it has all the innovative work required to make a difference in this world and it's probably the only company that can give Google and Facebook a run for its money. the engineers at Amazon dont just have an internal confidence to make those bold bets and stick longer. they should be more prouder than think they are really start making insane bets. I am literally craving to work at the Amazon scale but unfortunately I am never able to get a job ther, lol
      May 3
    • Amazon mUwn3e
      I mean if you stay at Amazon and manage to be promoted, it says a lot more vs being promoted at Oracle
      May 3
  • Microsoft / Product Overlordd
    This should be happening with you at Oracle as well. You've gotta change something with your profile if that isn't true.
    May 3 0