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Amazon ossG03

Do Sde2 with just bachelors who transfer from India to Seattle get EB3 or EB2?
Also do Tpm's and Pm's get EB1?


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  • Amazon tjpb67
    Usually sde2 will get eb2, but it is determined by the minimum education and experience of others in the actual team you join. If every engineer in the team has at least 5yr or a master's it'll be eb2.

    You also need 5yrs experience or a master's, if you only have a bachelors and 3 years experience you don't qualify regardless.
  • Amazon / EngJay🐝
    As an Indian who came to Amazon Seattle through the grad school route, don't do it! Go to Canada, go to Germany, Ireland, UK. Anywhere but here. The wait is NOT worth it.
    • Amazon ossG03
      Thanks a lot for your insight!
      What about coming directly from India through L1B.
      Seems like it will take more time what do you think?
    • Amazon / EngJay🐝
      I think the only way to quickly get a GC is to move as a manager on an L1A, everything else (like the L1B) results in a long wait.

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