Getting a job as a generalist?

New beta17
May 14 5 Comments

I've worked with startups for 8 years wearing many different hats. Job descriptions make me overwhelmed with the amount of specific experience they want. Any advice for a generalist who's mainly worked in between engineers and customers/partners to transition into a bigger, more stable company?


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  • What you did was take the specifications from the customer and bring them to the software engineers? Well then I just have to ask why can’t the customers take them directly to the software people?
    May 14 3
    • New beta17
      No, not specifications. For example - engineers make a product, I worked with distribution team on messaging and customer service to make sure the product was working properly. When things would mess up, or if a customer asked for new features, I'd be the guy to work with the engineering team to incorporate those new features in or help them understand how/why the customer faced the issue
      May 14
    • I was messing with you. You don’t seem to have seen Office Space, which is tragic.
      May 14
    • New beta17
      You got me there! It's been a while
      May 14
  • Northrop Grumman HowCouldYu
    Well what the hell do you want to do? Answer that question first
    May 14 0


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