Getting into a Tier 1 company

Apple xUEdsjT
Mar 14 21 Comments

I’ve gotten offers from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and similar companies but couldn’t get past Google or the unicorns/HFT firms.

I feel like I’ve hit an IQ block. Their questions were much harder than the other companies.

Any advice? I know it sounds entitled but I feel like I’ve gotten so far, I can surely get over that hump too.

Leetcode: ~250
TC: 165k


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TOP 21 Comments
  • Facebook Probe
    Here is my advice: stop giving two fucks about tier.
    Mar 145
  • All of you guys only wanting to be in tier1 companies are the reason why you will never get anywhere in your career. You are chasing prestige for your egoboost.

    As the commenter said before, stop giving fucks about the tier. Join a GOOD company and a GOOD team. those in many cases are not find in tier 1s. You will be happier and you will end up climbing the ladder faster and make more money non average
    Mar 142
  • Microsoft andridbe
    Your TC is too high for your LC score.
    Come back when you’ve added a 0 at the end of your score.
    Mar 141
    • Amazon / Engcayde
      Lol. What a troll.
      Mar 14
  • Intel noad
    Which HFTs did u apply to? Just curious
    Mar 140
  • Microsoft pJcW86
    Note to self, don't hire devs who are looking for "Tier 1" companies.
    Mar 144
    • ConocoPhillips u8Fa66
      Eh. Companies look for “rockstars”
      Mar 14
    • Google topCon
      So you hire for tier 2?
      Mar 14
    • Microsoft pJcW86
      I hire for spelling and grammar.
      Mar 15
    • Google topCon
      Oh, that's tier 3
      Mar 15
  • New OJFo88
    Well I’m not sure how did you come up with this Tier system but I was rejected by Amazon twice (2016, 2018) and got L4 offer from Google and FB on my first attempt(2019).
    Mar 141
    • Cisco / EngIntervie
      Maybe u are better in 2019 than u were in 2016, 2018
      Mar 14
  • Cisco / EngIntervie
    How come TC is so low? Are you a new grad?
    Mar 141

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