Getting paid close to nothing? Why?

Netflix 0Vuear
Jul 4 11 Comments

I'm a SWE but have a close friend who is starting out their career in the entertainment industry...Just out of pure curiosity why do entertainment companies think they can pay their interns nothing? I mean these media companies are giants right? Don't understand why interns are getting paid minimum wage or less?


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  • Amazon / Eng AtinIay2
    Way more qualified employees than open positions. You're expendable, so they don't care.
    Jul 4 2
    • Meetup q73smt
      Yep. Nobody gets paid for being good. You get paid because youโ€™re scarce.
      Jul 4
    • Nielsen eJyk10
      Well that concludes this thread.
      Jul 5
  • Google 1234-/:;(
    Because they dont care. If there is an army of people willing to work for free why bother paying?
    Jul 4 4
    • Netflix 1x2
      Because law doesn't allow it?
      Jul 5
    • Google 1234-/:;(
      You can get around it by offering equivalent of one semesters course credit. Thats how a lot of these industries skirt the law.
      Jul 5
    • Netflix 1x2
      Wasn't that allowed (and it should not) only if employer does not benefit from intern work? Which of course is complete bullshit.
      Jul 5
    • Google 1234-/:;(
      Not sure but thats what friends who interned in advertising, media, and entertainment told me. They paid tuition to work for free which is even more bullshit
      Jul 5
  • Nielsen nqED75
    Supply and demand. Tons of supply because so many people want to be in entertainment. Not that much demand for entry level staff.

    In tech there's tons of demand. There's still excess supply at the low / entry level end, but if you have experience or are a recent graduate you are in low supply and high demand.
    Jul 5 0
  • Apple / Eng tWBu16
    Some companies donโ€™t have a lot of money so they pay people less than minimum wage. Or maybe they think they donโ€™t need to spend very much to get a good enough employee. Some people are willing to work for that.
    Jul 4 0
  • Disney / Eng

    Disney Eng

    I've been known to RTFM.
    I've found that the M&E draw is enough of a reason for people allow themselves to be taken advantage of. This is the reason the Producers guild has to bargain with Unions for everything from Crafts, to Editing and even Engineering.

    Capitalism may be efficient, but its really sad to see these young people forgoing their present value, for a heightened sense of entitlement & experience working in M&E.

    We hired interns one day and literally half of them were only about "Meeting (famous person)" ๐Ÿ˜”
    Jul 5 0