Girls: Beware of guys who pretend to be girls in DM and nudge/encourage to share information

Amazon gottarun
Jun 19 11 Comments

Some guy pretended to be a girl, sent their fake photo and text number and talked like a girl until I asked them to share their alias/name since I sensed they were faking. Later verified that the photo was from random online web site and phone number could not be tracked on true-caller.
This is just to spread awareness.
No messages will be entertained as I had learnt my lessons the hard way.


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TOP 11 Comments
  • Nvidia ethereum2k
    Also beware of guys lurking in Women In Tech
    Jun 19 0
  • Tesla / Eng wtak
    Big deal? You are an Indian. People can find you everywhere today, on LinkedIn/FB/Insta. Why care about an anonymous website?
    Jun 19 1
    • Amazon undertaker
      Why do you care about op being an Indian? How does it matter here?
      Jun 25
  • Flagged by the community.

  • Shopkick xkcdabcd99
    How do you “talk like a girl” ?
    Jun 19 0
  • Cisco so funny
    Why are you privately chatting up girls anyway?
    Jun 19 1
    • Amazon undertaker
      Any common topic interest? She might be lesbian but got disappointed when other person turned out to be a man
      Jun 25
  • Oath Atinlay2
    You got cat-fished! Not surprising with this group
    Jun 19 0
  • I stopped reading at “talked like a girl.”

    Tf? 😂
    Jun 26 0
  • Amazon ihjhhv
    I am sorry it happened to you
    Jun 19 0
  • blw
    Are you sure? They may be lqbt+
    Jun 19 0


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