Going back to previous employer

Microsoft l33tH4x
Nov 7 10 Comments

prev: SDE at startup tc 160k
current: PM at msft TC 165k

got bored after 6mo and started floating some resumes and doing some interviews for the leetcode practice. flunked a bunch of msft, and amzn interviews and still in the running for some others.

previous company found out i was interviewing and made me a super competitive offer ~220k, on the condition that i drop out of all pipelines immediately.

im honestly kinda over working for a faang-m so im going to take it. theres no negative reprecussions here right?


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  • RichRelevance Zodian
    If you weren't forced out I see no problem with going back.

    & Some unsolicited advice ~ Resume stamping with companies/corporations is probably not worth taking on a boring / less influential role at a more prestigious company (brand prestige will deteriorate alongside your skills over time). It is for universities and governments though.
    Nov 7 1
    • Microsoft l33tH4x
      Yep you’re probably right there. That’s definitely a factor into my decision to leave msft
      Nov 7
  • IBM Trunk
    Since you have nothing to lose, if you want to maximize the TC you could see if your current gig wound match the offer.
    Nov 7 1
    • Alteryx WBeZ32
      Agreed! Doesn't hurt to ask
      Nov 7
  • RichRelevance Zodian
    Why did you leave startup for MSFT ?
    Nov 7 2
    • Microsoft l33tH4x
      Prestige tbh. I noticed a 50% jump in recruiter interest when I slap the logo on my LI so I figure it’d be some good resume decoration for later on.
      Nov 7
    • New / R&D

      New R&D

      Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
      Senior iOS developer and tech lead
      Yeah well with half a year and then back to the company - I guess that’s kinda gone
      Nov 7
  • Reddit sb6jaq
    How many YOE if you don’t mind me asking
    Nov 7 1
    • Microsoft l33tH4x
      Going on 4
      Nov 7
  • Smartsheet fly0nWall
    Shouldn’t be any negative repression’s. Previous manager of mine called those employees “Yo-yos” - leave for a little while, decided the grass isn’t greener, and comes back.

    If anything the fact they made such a competitive offer shows how much they value your skillset and contributions.

    As long as there wasn’t some big dark reason you left (bad boss, toxic culture, overworked, stressed, etc), no reason not to go back imo.
    Nov 7 0


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