Golden age of technical startups

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Dec 29, 2018

Is it just me or has the golden age of truly technical startups passed? It seems most of the "tech" startups are really marketing something over the internet and calling themselves "tech" not to mention the lack of deeply technical people involved. I don't see any new companies like HP, Google or similar anytime soon.


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  • Microsoft / EngSherloc
    We need the next computing platform it was supposed to be a AR/VR but that flopped so until there is a new personal computer Internet or smart phone kind of paradigm shift, we’re kind of stuck with incremental or derivative improvements
    Dec 29, 20182
    • CGI dGcJ25
      The thing is the next platform probably won’t be created solely by start ups and if they do they’ll be acquired by Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc
      Dec 29, 2018
    • Microsoft / EngSherloc
      The opportunity for start ups is in applications and services for the new platform not necessarily the platform itself....just like now
      Dec 29, 2018
  • Apple xUEdsjT
    Crypto had some potential but it was ruined by get rich quick hype. Besides that I have no idea what the next platform will be. Full brain computer interfaces?
    Dec 29, 20184
    • Micro Focus / Engbrotein
      I would actually like to get into brain computer interfaces, but Neuralink is the only company I know that is working in that space
      Dec 29, 2018
    • Netflix tnCP40
      ^ Facebook too. Though the team has gone through quite a bumpy ride:
      Dec 29, 2018
    • Pinterest saltyde
      There's also kernel, although they were a chaotic mess when I interviewed ~two years ago
      Dec 30, 2018
    • Amazon Vishnu
      @saltyde Interviewed for key role there around 2 years ago, had a similar sense.
      Dec 30, 2018
  • Amazon aSoL84
    Why HP?
    Dec 29, 20182
    • Amazon Dudjcjcid
      If you look at the history of hp they were hugely innovative in the 60s and 70s. The company that exists today is a shadow of its former self.
      Dec 30, 2018
    • VMware BobbleHat
      Hp was the google of its prime. 30 years from now kids will be asking “why google”
      Dec 30, 2018
  • New DvVM00
    just you
    Dec 31, 20180
  • New / Engladka
    AI has a lot of potential. But there are not enough skilled people here for startups to build a viable product.
    Dec 29, 20180

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