Goldman Sachs - Consider the Counteroffer?

Goldman Sachs / Eng iOnm38
Mar 7 17 Comments

Currently a mid level engineer on a client facing tech team at GS but have been interviewing around to gauge the market and see what else is out there as I'm getting tired of finance.

TC for 2018 - 200k (140k base + 60k bonus)
Base for 2019 - 151k
YOE: 3.5 (all with GS)

Have accepted an offer from Squarespace (base/bonus/stock per year/sign on): 151k/0/$18k RSUs/20k as I'm really looking for a change of scenery.

However after putting in notice Goldman is countering with more money (yet to be determined) and an opportunity to be a project lead.

Should I consider this counter given that my TC will benefit and I will be able to grow - or stay commited to Squarespace so I can diversify my experience resume wise?

Would greatly appreciate this communities thoughts on this.


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  • Goldman Sachs wooper
    So you're leaving 50k on the table plus whatever they countered with.

    Wasn't even aware GS counteroffered
    Mar 7 3
    • Goldman Sachs / Eng iOnm38
      Yeah I am not considering the RSUs as part of comp but if SS does IPO that gamble will pay off

      Also I wasn't aware either but my notice went all the way up to a partner and they want me to stay badly enough to counter
      Mar 7
    • Goldman Sachs wooper
      Wouldn't even count RSUs. Even if companies sell for a billion after few years there you'd get little.

      I guess you're more front facing and you had critical function in your hands.

      Team leader is a great position for your experience.

      I understand that you need to explore and learn more and if that's your drive then absolutely go for it as GS can be a technical echochamber
      Mar 7
    • Google aiqqu
      Id stay with Goldman tbh especially if the counter is good. Squarespace seems like a downgrade
      Mar 7
  • Goldman Sachs l33tcode
    Have they still not told u the numbers?
    Mar 11 2
    • Goldman Sachs / Eng iOnm38
      Hey sorry, no HCM is taking their sweet time on this one, it likely won't be anymore than your TC though - pretty sure you got top of band for associates this year.

      But my MD solidified the new role which in terms of career growth is good to hear
      Mar 13
    • Goldman Sachs l33tcode
      There is always more room to TC than me. Never think that is top. Ask for more always. I am in a weird scenario where I am a lead and I have 2 VPs reporting to me and in total 6 and I am an associate. Simply because I know the team more.
      Mar 14
  • Goldman Sachs theNapa
    I know couple of people who were in the same boat. Taking counter offer may not always work! I can give you better advice if I know what position are you going in at squarespace since you mentioned project lead
    Mar 8 2
    • Goldman Sachs / Eng iOnm38
      Squarespace would be a lateral move to a mid level engineer as well and would likely take a year to get promoted to a senior role.

      Money aside, I do worry that I wouldn't see as much growth there given how much they reorg and split teams
      Mar 9
    • Goldman Sachs theNapa
      Goldman has multiple teams that deal with multiple things. It’s very difficult to predict where you will land in a year at Goldman. It is a really good company to be a part of but at some point or the other folks in technology have to recycle, go out, grow and come back if needed. Squarespace is an unknown company from technology standpoint but I have friends there who tell me the work is good. The culture is good. I don’t know which team you are in at GS but ensure that you choose what will bring you closer to your final goal. Listen to your gut!
      Mar 9
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield / IT tarsier
    Off topic: What are the benefits in GS?
    Oct 26 0
  • Chase SipG12
    How was your interview with squarespace difficulty wise? How much time did they take to get back with an offer?
    Aug 7 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    Boeing, 500 Startups
    Its been a month since this post. So, did you choose to stick with GS? What was your reasoning?
    Apr 24 0
  • Goldman Sachs UsFD04
    Why not take the counter, see if you like it and then interview again next year if you don't like the role
    Mar 8 0
  • Amazon / Other XIit65
    I know people who got counter offers at Goldman and it put them in some enviable positions. You should see what they're offering. Heck, name your price.
    Mar 7 0
  • New / Data

    New Data

    Hi I am interested in the strat role at Goldman Sachs and would like to know how to tailor my resume for that position and how to prepare for the interview. I work as a software engineer using python at CBOE. Any advice is much appreciated!
    Mar 7 0
  • Leave, Goldman will be around when you're ready to go back. You got this offer for a reason beyond just more money.
    Mar 7 0


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