Google - No Headcount, how long should I wait?

Deloitte Ooah
Oct 22 12 Comments

I applied to the TAM (Technical Account Manager) role in Google Cloud and I was told I made it through all the interviews but before I got sent to Hiring Committee the recruiter told me they did not have headcount for the role. How long should I wait? I even asked to be put through in other offices from the one I interviewed at and they didn’t have headcount in other offices.


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Microsoft FlyingOwe
    If you have not pass HC, you have not pass anything. Keep moving.
    Oct 22 6
    • Deloitte Ooah
      The recruiter told me that 85-90% of people make it out of hiring committee. Is that not true?
      Oct 22
    • Bloomberg Enig16
      For engineering its like the opposite, but don’t know much about TAM.
      Oct 22
    • Microsoft FlyingOwe
      I’ve seen 1/3 to 1/10 from various source
      Oct 22
    • Deloitte Ooah
      Oh wow, ok then
      Oct 22
    • Deloitte Ooah
      For the 1/3 to 1/10, were those folks in the engineering track and thus they had a lower chance of making it out of hiring committee?
      Oct 23
  • Comcast LgST33
    Why would you wait at all? Keep interviewing with other places and move on. If you still haven't found something by the time Google comes back, see if what they have to offer at that time appeals to you. If they wanted to hire you, they would make an offer.
    Oct 22 0
  • Oath Shank66
    Why do you want to be a tam for the worst cloud service?
    Oct 22 1
    • Pffftttt. IBM is the worst cloud. No question.
      Oct 22
  • Expedia Group ApDN57
    Did anyone get the job? Waiting too!
    Nov 4 0
  • Oracle øp
    I'm also waiting like you, so you're not alone.
    Oct 24 0


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